About Jenn

Jennifer Bartlett-Prati is a tenured English teacher in the Finger Lakes Region of New York.  Jenn teaches 7th, 8th and 12th grade English as well as College Writing.  She is married to web developer, Thom.  Jenn is originally from Johnson City, NY (near Binghamton) and has lived in the Finger Lakes for more than 10 years.

School Teachers Make the Best Crafters

Over the last few of her years here, Jenn has been crafting unique and beautiful wreaths and center pieces for her family and friends.  Now she is designing them for you.

As a resident of the Finger Lakes Region of New York, Jenn has access to a lot of interesting source materials for her wreaths.



Which One is Jenn’s Favorite Wreath?


Here’s her favorite piece wreath.  It features ribbon from MacKenzie Childs, from Aurora, NY, and some well-crafted silk flowers on a locally sourced grapevine wreath.  The Finger Lakes Wine Region has grown into a thriving industry that helps support local crafters.

Jenn will cheerfully recreate one of her designs for you or you can custom order your dream wreath.